Saturday Night’s Top Rated Show for 7 Years!

Hosted by Joshua P. Warren.

The show where the unusual becomes usual . . .

There is no show quite like Speaking of Strange. For three hours, the host leads a fast-paced and fun-filled presentation of the weirdest news from the around the world, spiced with humor, and anchored by fantastic guests. Geared toward an internet-savvy listener aged 30-45, the show captures a wide audience, from teenagers to 90!

9pm-midnight Saturday nights

Hour 1: Amazing news, rated PG, that misses most of the mainstream. See for examples.

Hour 2: A great guest, like Dr. Edgar Mitchell (6th man to walk on the moon) or Gil Gerard, who played TV’s iconic Buck Rogers.

Hour 3: The “Dark 30 Hour” is when the most raucous and outrageous news comes out—the stuff we save for last. It’s complete with humorous, often tongue-in-cheek, commentary from our late night panel

With a fan base around the globe, there is only one way to truly understand why Speaking of Strange is a hit: .